[Solved] Skipping the sign-in screen while Live Testing

This is just using airtable which is properly setup and can store and display data.

I have a basic setup shown below. User puts in their username then room number and they are logged in to a main area (switch to screen main).

So, once a user submits their username and room the redirection to the next page works fine, but the minute I edit the code the app goes back to the user submit section and not to the main page. I got it to work once but haven’t been able to since and I can’t figure out what I did right or wrong.

Solved so far. I was editing a section of the app that had to do with that stored name value. It caused the app to basically forgethe value.

@solidad, I am not sure if this is the issue that you are talking about, but if you are live testing an app and then edit your project, that will trigger the live test companion app to reload your app and return to your first screen or navigator. We’d like to avoid that and have the companion stay on whatever screen you’re editing but we haven’t implemented that yet.


Not exactly since I know that’s how thunkable works but either way, I have it resolved but can’t delete this post…

@solidad - what was your resolution in the end? Did you just move the screen in the component tree?