[Solved] Send pictures directly from phone with Sengrid

I need a good advice to Send pictures directly from phone with Sengrid. It takes to long to upload it first and then send it. Could I just get the mediaUrl from cloudinary and then upload the picture while taking the new picture. I also like to take a video and send together with the pictures.
I need some good advice how to do his.

Hey @funhall - if there some particular reason you have to use Sendgrid (I wouldn’t be overly familiar with this myself)

The share component has a dedicated shareImage block - would that work in your use case?

Hi Domhnall.
Not particular but I need to send the pictures directly to one specific email each time. So is there a nother way to kind of make that auto I dont have to use sendgrid.

I am using sendgrid for sendig a payment reciept but have a problem with the api request maybe you can help with that.
I am sending this syntax.
“personalizations”: [{“to”: [{“email”: “info@funhall.dk”,“name”: “John Doe”}],“dynamic_template_data”: { “sender_name”: “”,“ole peter”: “” },“subject”: “Reciept!”}],“from”: {“email”: “info@funhall.dk”,“name”: “John doe”},“reply_to”: {“email”: “martin@funhall.dk”,“name”: “martin”},“template_id”: “d-51e82b485ba24d418abb29a6f4b13639”}
But I dont get the “sender_Name” into the dynamic template" I get the template in the email just with out the name. I have read all there api guide etc. but cant find help anywhere.

I hope you can help me with these 2 things.

I’m guessing there’s some error with how you are sending in the information in the first place.

The reason you’re not getting a sender_name is because there is no sender_name value, it’s just an empty string, look closely below:

There is a sender_name property, with a value of “”
then there is a separate ole peter property, which also has a value of “”.

Like I said, I’m not familiar with Sendgrid at all, but it looks like the issue is occurring upstream here.

Wooooow what a embarising mistake from my side. So sorry. I didnt even see that. Now it is working.
THNAK YOU for your goog work

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No problem at all @funhall - sounds like a really interesting service. Do you think that other members of this Community would find Sendgrid useful? How did you find out about it?


did you have an idee for the sending picture problem??

I thought from your question that you were using Sendgrid to do this?

aarrrh sorry no. Then I still have to upload the pictures and it takes time if my staff want to take 3 pictures in a row…