Code blocks for this API Request

Hi Community!
Here’s a Sample Request of Cloudinary Upload API in Postman-

I tried some Blocks but there was an error showing in my android phone.
Docs-Cloudinary Upload API


Is there a reason you are using the Cloudinary API? Thunkable has built-in support for Cloudinary uploads: Files - Thunkable Docs.

If for some reason you still need to use the API, what is the error message you’re getting?

A very longg HTML code was returned

Hello @visualdisigner10ucqs welcome to the community!

Instead of using the “Image4’s Picture” block, you will need to use the response from the Web Viewer and the Web Viewer needs to have an HTML file that converts the image to base64.

To create the HTML file you can use the HTML code I shared here: WEB API Firebase Storage It does not upload the file to the server - #4 by ioannis

Here is a post from the Cloudinary community about uploading an image as base64.
Uploading assets using a base64 DATA URI – Cloudinary Support

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