Chat app with Sending photos and voice messages

How do I make a chat app with Voice messages and sending photos?
Please share the link if you can

Send photos can use Cloudinary

Please show me how to do it I’m a noob in thunkable

hi there @codeemaker
have u seen projects and tutorials about this on thunkable’s channel ?

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This would be very helpful actually… I’ll just check how to use Cloudinary on Thunkable.

My app

Please Explain it to us how to make it

app share
You can use the image library to get the photos and upload them to the Cloudinary, or press record and release to complete. The most important thing is: you have to have your own communication protocol, for example: photos()@chat, sounds()@chat, URL()@chat let the machine interpret

Can you please rename the names in English to make it easier to understand the code??
PS. I don’t know Chinese

It’s Ok