Sending images in mail stored local

Does anyone know if it is possible to send images in a mail that is stores localy in the phone in a path like this “file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/840EABB5-3DCE-4176-BFA6-E1E2C8939FEE/tmp/693D6817-07EA-4E31-9AFF-66055FEDF7FA.jpg”

@funhall It’s better if you upload the image to Cloudinary (Media_DB component), and then share the URL generated in place of the path link.

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Yes i know bot it tales so Long to upload it.

I’m afraid the path link won’t work. Cloudinary is slow only for videos, I think.

You can share images the user selects, but that prompts the user to pick the service.

Depending on your apps purpose, you could consider a onesignal push message with an image. But the you would have the same problem as cloudinary of upload time.

I’ve noticed that many of the apps I use distract users from long processing delays with messages, images, or animations. Although this does not solve the problem of slow processing, it does improve the user experience. Because unfortunately, some operations are slow and cannot be sped up.

Just a thought…