Uploading App Images with Cloudinary

I’m having no problem uploading photos using Cloudinary, but I need to upload standard images too. For example, upload a red dot image if the user selects red or blue dot if the user selects blue. After saving the images to the app as files and using the blocks below, I get the error message “You need to provide a valid media path”. What is needed to upload the image?


With Label.setText, look at what’s in the “from NoPhotoJMG.getPicture” block.

Label.setText <- from NoPhotoJMG.getPicture

The response for setting the ’ Get Picture’ block as a label is simply the file name with no path, ’ NoPhoto.png ‘. When I check the output of the ’ mediaURL’ block, it says ‘undefined’.

To add a file to this store, you need to specify a network address, for example:


I’m still not getting it. See the shared demo. If i use a path to a file, it does not work.


Now I will answer you

It looks like MediaDB needs to specify a full local path to the file and with any other paths does not work. It seemed to me that somehow I was able to download network resources, but maybe I’m wrong.

Images for MediaDB can be taken from the Camera or from PhotoLibrary. These components just give a full local path to the files.

If there are any other Cloudinary Smart People out there, I’m still looking for a solution to upload attachments from either URL’s or assets (icons) from within the APP. Thanks in advance.

Found such a web solution. It somewhat extends the ability to load images, but with imported and deleted files does not work.

upload1.txt (1.5 KB)

To work with imported files in the project, I would suggest such a solution: to encode them into the Base64 format and save as text to some database.

how to make auto image sliding system from firebase Images?? Pls Reply

Use Firebase Javascript API.

Even I am trying to do this thing but no solved answer is here yet … please help