Cloudinary Error

The error is coming from these blocks while saving : You need to provide a valid Media Path
What’s this?


Can you please help me with this error?
Sorry for the call


Anyone please help me…
It’s a little urgent


If the system says that there is some kind of error with url or paths, then you should look at this value. Maybe you have there null.

You know, all app-inventor platforms cannot read a image document in airtable. If you are trying to fetch an image from airtable, you might fail. Try using other database like Firebase’s Realtime DB

Fetching is going good, but storing has problems…

@actech, what could be the problem in the path?
Image1 has a picture 1.png which I set earlier…It’s never being changed in the app…


To save the file in MediaDB to the Upload block, you must pass the local absolute - a valid Media Path address of the file. And you give it the string “1.png”. In Thunkable X, you can only save files that came out after taking photos from camera or from Image Library or from base if the absolute address was stored in it.


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Check out @Mark’s post on getting an image from a spreadsheet here.

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