[Solved] Remove iOS location permission for BLE

Hi, i have an issue with location with IoS. My apps seems to need permission for location even though i am not using it in the block. Now my apps have been rejected by App Store due to requiring the use of permission without any justification.

How can i remove the location permission. I have seen in another topic this issue has been solved with Android. I don’t have any issues publishing in Play Store. But now because of this location permission issue, my apps is being rejected.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Hey @apauaie, Are you using the web viewer component in your app?

What sort of app are you trying to build?

No i am not using webviewer, I have BLE, camera, web-api, texttospeech, timer and sound. it is an app to scan QR code.

Does any of these use location?

After a little bit of testing, i realize it was the BLE block that requires location. Is this intentional? How should i justify the use of location in my apps if i use BLE. Is it possible to remove the permission for location for IoS?

Any help appreciated. Thanks

The BLE component needs the location sensor to work properly…do you have any issues with Bluetooth in your app?

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BLE is working fine for me… I have also passed the IOS review. Just mentioned the use of location in bluetooth BLE.


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