Remove location permission

I have some issue with my app on thunkable,
My app designed for children under 13 years old. So Google don’t allow it required location permission.
I don’t know how to remove location permission in my app.
Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
Thanks so much.

Are you using Maps or Location Sensor?

If not, did you add them at some point and then remove them?

If you’ve removed all of those components from all screens, then contact Thunkable Staff for help with permissions.


Hi @tatiang ,
I don’t use maps or location sensor,
I sent an email to but no one is helping :frowning_face:

When did you send it? It’s the weekend so I expect someone would help you next week unless it’s already been several days since you sent it…?

Or Bluetooth? Or web viewer? What error are you seeing in the android dev console? Did you receive an email from google?

I sent it at June 17th

Yes, I recevied an email from Google.
My app designed for chirlden under 13 years old. So this app can’t require location permission.
I can’t remove location permission on my app because it’s the default setting of thunkable