[Solved] Pass data between 2 apps

Hi all,

Sorry, I’m completely new to Thunkable, I have a karaoke business and I’m trying to create an app that will let users send me their song requests.
What i would like to do is have 2 apps, one that the user has to request the songs and one I use to recieve the requests. What would be the best way of getting the data from one app to the other (if possible)?

Thank in advance

Hey @bigfoot650, welcome to the Community :wave:

This app idea sounds awesome. You could create a very simple app like this using Airtable. Check out the Thunkable X Docs on Airtable to get started.

When a user wants to request a song, they will add a new row to the spreadsheet. Does your app require any specific features such as having the user enter an access code to submit a new song?


why do you need 2 apps on one screen users can submit using airtable

Yes, Airtable is very powerful. In addition to thunkable “native” airtable blocks, You can also use thunkable Web API to access airtable with more features like sorting. In your application, if I were to do it, I will build one app for users to enter requests, then use a PC with internet access to just reference the airtable (can be the same PC you use to deploy karaoke songs, and possibly automate that part too).

Thank you for your suggestion,
I have been playing around with Airtable and it seems do do what I need, just need to learn how to format the forms and results now. again thank you all

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Great! Any problems and be sure to come back.

If you would like any beta testers for your app, check out #beta-testing. Beta testing is a good way to get feedback and buff out any bugs etc. All the best with your app, Eoin.