[SOLVED] Number of rows of google sheet data source block returning undefined value

I am very confident this is a bug, but just want to be sure. Bascially, I am trying to find the number of rows in my google sheet data source.
The picture below is my code of a local data table that I made an exact replica of the google sheets source. When I set the data source to the local data table, everything runs fine and it does the job. However, when I set it to a google sheet which is an exact replica, the number of rows is undefined so it fails to do the rest of the program. The max number of rows that contain data is only 5 so I don’t understand why this works for local table but not google sheets. How can I get around this without having to put everything into local table.

Hello @aj2cooldudexirt
It is strange, the number of rows should work on the Google Sheets table too.
Try to resync the table

Its solved now. I belive the error was with thinkable itself. When I hit sync, it would not sync. So I deleted the database than added it again and that seemed to do the trick. Guess it was just a glitch or malfunction. Case closed