Looping through Google Sheets rows doesn't finish

This may have been reported before but I’m not sure.

I’ve synced a Google Sheet to my project and when I run these blocks, it only loops through the first 4 rows of the spreadsheet even though there are 11 rows and Thunkable recognizes (via the number of rows block) that there are 11.

Any thoughts?

Edit: this works just fine, cycling through all 11 rows:


There is an issue in asynchronous loops that has been reported number of times but there is yet no solution for it.

For Google sheet, I found get value unreliable at all and does not refresh correctly.

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:frowning: I’m also finding that one of my get row object blocks isn’t working. I can get values in a loop for the “Edition” column but not for the “Signed” column even though I’ve re-synced the Sheet and tried everything I can think of. It just doesn’t get any values from the Sheet.

Edit: And now all of a sudden, it’s working and displaying the values from the get row object blocks. I don’t know what changed.

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I noticed an odd behavior in the Data Source connection. When you first connect a Google sheet the data blocks such as get value... do not work properly but when you close the project and reopen it again, all seems to work OK.

Is this what happened with your data, @tatiang ?

Possibly, I’m not sure. I honestly can’t decide which data source to go with for my book cataloging app. As it stands, Google Sheets seems inconsistent but easy to share with others, Firebase seems solid but not easily shared, and while a local data source would be straightforward, I also can’t share it. I’m at a loss. There’s also an app that does 95% of the functionality I need. So I’m weighing whether or not I really want to build a whole app just for that 5%!

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Airtable has the flexibility of Google sheet with added performance.

As long as your data will not add up to 1200 +/- rows, it’s free.

So you feel like Airtable is more reliable? I’ve used both… more people are familiar with Google Sheets so that’s usually my preference but maybe I’ll try that. I do like the custom filters that Airtable offers.

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Sorry for my delays here! Can either of you provide a link to a minimal app that can reproduce this behavior?

:mechanical_arm: I’m sure it would be great if you build it!

You’re right, it can be hard at times. On the other hand, it’s a really powerful backend once you step out of the #noCode space and start getting your feet wet with some other #lowCode/JavaScript solutions. How do you envision sharing your data with someone in a way other than in-app?

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You know, I think it’s more about the time it would take me to make a decent user interface. With Google Sheets, the ability to sort, search, export and print is all built-in. So in that sense, it’s easier to just provide data in that format.

The point of my app is to allow family members to easily look through a collection of books that my father-in-law (who passed away a few years ago) owned. So my wife and I will be scanning the books with our phones and then sharing the catalog with everyone else.


I’m not sure I can. Part of the problem is that it wasn’t working in my larger project and then it started working without much change on my part. As @muneer suggested, it may have been resolved by re-opening the project.

Here’s a minimal version but it’s working as far as I can tell:


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