App does not correspond to google sheets update

i basically have a similar issue to this post

here are the blocks that are used to update the google sheet values


i am aware that the “get value” block has a bug where it gets cached data. so in this case, how would i be able to use the “get row object” block in this case? and if that won’t work, are there any other solutions?

Hi there! I am NOT very techno-savvy, but I’m trying to build a mobile app for a business idea I’ve been tinkering around with for some time now. I’m having an issue similar to this (I think). I’m trying to build a screen where users can register, however the “register” function isn’t working at all. No row is being created in my Google Sheet, and the screen does not even navigate

Where did I go wrong?

Also, I had changed my data source from Google Sheets to a local table that I created in the app, and using the same blocks above, the navigation function finally worked as intended, however I saw no information being reflected in the local table