Google Sheet Bug - Cannot Get a Value Twice

In the video below you can see that I can get the value of the cell under Class Code. I can also set the value with no problem. The problem occurs when trying to get the value again. This can only be fixed by exiting the web preview or the Live App.

i’m also having the same issue

Are you using the get row object block to grab this data? There is an intended behavior to help limit API calls where grabbing data from a Google Sheets source like this will only grab the data when the app is first opened.

I’m using the get value block.

Hello @tthompson41231 and @wulfy_starr
Thank you for sharing more information. Unfortunately, with the get value block, this is by design (i.e., we don’t want to refresh the database everytime you use the “Get value” block) since all the Data Sources (Google Sheets, Airtable, and Webflow) have limits for the number of times the API can be called.

The work-around here is to use a Custom Data Viewer. When you use the Custom Data Viewer, you can then refresh the data using the Refresh Data block.


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I guess I’ll have to find a workaround, but I have another question.

1: How is getting a single value from Google sheets and refreshing the whole sheet different? Aren’t they both calling the Google API?

2: What other database blocks follow this rule? List of values blocks and so on

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Hi @tthompson41231, appreciate these questions!

They’re different in that the get value block for updating a single value in a Google sheet and will only seek out the value for that particular cell. The Refresh Data block Ioannis mentions above literally refreshes the data source as added within Thunkable. They do both call the API in a similar way.

The get row object and get value blocks will access the data based on when the app is opened and will not update as the data source itself is updated.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Ok so only these two methods work for all those who want to know. I have been using Thunkable for 2 years now and I feel like this was never an issue but I can be wrong. It just doesn’t seem right.