Working with Google Sheet

Hi, I am new and noob to thunkable.

I am doing data processing (some calculation) in a Google sheet where I will “update” a value to it, and after processing by the sheet, I would like to “get” the value to be display in the app.

So far the very first instance of these operation works fine. But not after I try to “update” another value to the app. It will only work again only I restart the app again.

Any advise will be very much appreciated. TIA.

Hi @darrickloh, Welcome to the community.

Maybe you can try Realtime DB by Google Firebase. It also works. You can store many values in it and it’s in Realtime. You can use the DataChanged and Add Listener Block to detect new values. I Hope I Helped You.

Thank you. I am looking for a solution just to read one cell or value from the sheet.

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Oh Ok.

You will need this

To read a single cell.

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Thanks muneer. I did just that, but it works for the first time or every time the app startup but not after that when I updated to another value.

This is my test project here:

Appreciate any advise. Thank you again.

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I made some test and what you are saying is correct. The block does not retrieve the updates.

However, when I tested with this block

I was able to read the updates multiple times.

Maybe someone from Thunkable @staff could give a better solution / explanation.

Dear Mr Muneer,

That block works! Thank you so much!