Functions with google shhets

I try to work with datas that are on a Google Sheets.
It’s really simple to link it, thanks !

the problem is that i only get 4 possible actions with this sheet (get value, update value, create row, delete row).
I can’t find how to get the "number of rows, or to get a “list of value” that we find by creating a local database…

Can you help me ?

The “number of rows” and “list of values” blocks aren’t available for Google Sheets yet.

Thanks for your rapid answer !
But then, how can i go through the datas ?

Right now, you can use Google Sheets with the data viewer components. We’ll be adding the ability to use Google Sheets without the data viewer in the future.

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OK, thanks for the great job you do !

YESSSS!! GSheetts is so powerful (and free!) Thanks for all the work you guys do @paulmw