Help me to view all my data in googlesheets via Web Api

Can anyone help me to View all my data in googlesheets via Web Api with this portion only not with components, settings or anything just only the information and for view only no one can edit or replace the data in my sheets? and I’m a beginner only.

You might want to set your Google Sheet to “view only” for anyone who has the link and then add a Web Viewer to your project screen and set the url to the link to the Google Sheet.

But if it’s a wide (many columns) sheet, it may not display well.

Your right, It not display well. Can you help me to view all my data in google sheets without using web viewer?

There are two methods:

  1. Use a Data Viewer List and optionally, create a custom layout to display your data

  2. Use cloned components. This is an advanced technique in Thunkable.

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I’ll try this. Thank you so much for your help

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