[SOLVED] Newest project doesn't load in thunkable app

I’ve just started to remake an old game(which had some bugs)old version but using the new drag and drop instead of the old grid system. It was working. for now, I’m working on just design and the app was showing me the updates, but while working on the intro screen I closed and reopened the app for a fast reload, it stopped updating, did it again a few times and now it shows me the error below, I tried all my other projects( DnD and not) and they work normally new project.
what could it be? My phone is Android. below there is the error screen

update: it still doesn’t work, it still shows me the error when opening it with the app

Can you post a new link to the project? Also, does the error appear before you see the first screen? After you see the first screen? After you click a button? Be as specific as you can.

sure: project with error Thunkable
original: Thunkable

so I open the Thunkable app, log in, select the project and the error appears, or sometimes, because the project was selected the previous time, it instantly goes to the error. so the only things I can see are the log in screen and the “projects” screen.

When I open the first link and Live Test it in the Thunkable Live app on an iPhone 13 Pro, it works fine. It doesn’t crash or show an error.

I’m not sure why it would be crashing on an Android device. The first screen just has a navigate block. There’s nothing there that would cause a crash.

Hello @elias.villa.8320, nice to see you again!
I was able to replicate the issue.
This issue is happening when we have a lot of duplicated screens.
A workaround is to delete the first label on the first screen.
Let me know if it worked.

What does “a lot of duplicated screens” mean in numbers? 10 screens. 20? 20 duplicates?

yes I got rid of the title label and it was fixed, but I didn’t duplicate the screens, when I made them I just pressed the +.
So it’s still some kind of mystery.

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