[Solved] Learning the hard way: structured sequence

Hi Thunkable Team,

While I welcome any constructive updates especially one that I can see is proposed with the BLE changes including disconnect, my 2500 blocks of thunks are now needing a full debug since the BLE changes (without changes to documentation).

My app was working where I was constructing large strings of different types and breaking them up into packets of 20bytes. I would transmit these and receive back from my bespoke device and comparing tx/rx before sending the next packet. Eventually when the complete string was transmitted and received the two were once more compared as compiled strings and if all good, acknowledged with a ‘handshake’. The strings included end to end encryption and a message type ID.

in short, the BLE part of my app is now not working. Only small strings are working with my current blocks and I will debug tomorrow. This but now begs to ask if this is something I need to expect? Will Thunkable roll out changes which will break fully functioning apps without warning and if so will this affect already published apps? Surely updating and upgrading needs to be more controllable by the user/programmer/Thunker?

Been a long day!
respectfully grateful (but somewhat annoyed); Eddie

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Hi Thunkers,
Today’s debugging suggests that my underlying problems were only brought to surface by the BLE changes and not actually caused by the upgrades. It had more to do with sequencing of my functions which for some reason ran more asynchronously after the BLE upgrades. Having 2300 blocks on the single page that included my BLE modules didn’t help my cause either. I still have so much to learn on this interface but am loving the code free environment. I tried to delete my above rant but do not have permission to do this for some reason. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for taking the time to update this thread @eddie.rebehy (often users will leave the community without letting the rest of us know that their problem has been resolved!) Perhaps you might update the title of this post too, so that other BLE users aren’t apprehensive about the update to this component?


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