BLE Scan never end

Hello guys!
There is any one more with ble issues since last days?
My app worked fine and was able to connect BLE, but now it just stop during scan e nothing more happends. Like the code stop and not goes further to try any connection.
Im using the companion app on android7.0

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There’s quite a bit of issues with this September update that was pushed out a few days ago. In order to temporarily fix the issue follow these steps:

  1. I would uninstall the ThunkableLive app.
  2. Then google (on your phone) “Thunkable APK”.
  3. look for a website that says APKPure
  4. Scroll down to find previous APK versions.
  5. Then install the one from August.
  6. You will have to approve installations from unknown locations on your phone.

Hopefully this helps until they can fix the issues and push out another update.

Here is the link I used to get it. This should take you to the August version of the app (APK).
Download Thunkable v331-2 Android APK File (

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Thank you Josh!
Actually there is a new update in this link you posted and fixed the ble issues.


Hi @eduardo.baladaozm3a2! Our engineers made an update to our platform last night that should have resolved this. Can you please test this again?