BLE scan works on IOS but android is not stable

Hi i developed an app that using BLE with my ESP32. BLE scan works great with IOS with no problem.In android in live test it works perfect too but when i try to setup my app with apk file it became unstable. I mean in the first try it works perfect, scan, connect etc but when i try to use the app several times again it can’t scan and gives an error like; “BleError: Cannot start scanning operation”.But after a time like 5-10 min it can connect again. I tried different versions of android and all make the same thing.

Hi! I have the same exactly problem! With IOS my app works perfectly, on my android phone the BLE Scan doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do! Someone can help me?

Maybe you guys can report the Thunk team and then they will fix it?