BLE Crash When Published on Android

Hi Thunkable,

I recently published my app to the Google Play Store. When I download it and run it, it crashes when I hit the “Connect” button which initiates the BLE Scan. The app works well in the test environment (Thunkable Live App). What is the issue?




In my case the app doesn’t crash, but the scan function is not working anymore, so my process is just blocked.
Here is the result from a debug tool I made which just scan and prompt the devices name of the surrounding devices:

It was working perfectly until very recently, not since I changed to a new and more recent phone. I’m now on Android 12 on a Galaxy S22.


Sorry you are experience these issues. We recently fixed errors revolving around bluetooth.
If this is a pre-existing app, it might not have received our new fixes, so it might require a fresh download.
If this is on Thunkable live app, please update the live app.
If these do not fix the error, please let me know and I will try to respond promptly.

Hi Brianl,

I saw the fix in the release notes indeed, but we did the tests after that and built a new APK each time, so it didn’t fix the problem.
It doesn’t seem to be related only to Android 12, as I’m successfully seeing and connecting to my device with a Pixel 3 on Android 12, but with a Redmi 10 for exemple, I can’t see my device when scanning, even if I can see it with nRF connect application. It’s really weird.


Hi Yoann,
That is strange indeed. Could you either dm your project link or if you are comfortable sharing it here, that is okay too.

Hi Brian,

I just sent you the link of my project in DM. But I had the exact same behaviour on a simpler app that I use as a debug tool: Thunkable

Best regards,


What version of the Thunkable Live App are you using when you use the Debug Tool?

The last one, I downloaded it when I did my tests.

I can see that you do print out the error when scan doesn’t work, which is really nice. What error does it tell you if any? I ran it and it seems to work for me so I’m wondering what you see.