Why BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Thunkable X Cannot Scan Devices

Please Help Me Thunkable X Expert
Why BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Thunkable X Cannot Scan Devices?

I’ve tried this method but it still doesn’t work :

And this is the information about my device :

  • Brand = asus
  • Model = ASUS_Z012DB
  • Android Version = 8.0.0
  • API = 26
  • Codename = Oreo
  • Release = 8.0

i have the same problem since, the app downloaded in july works perfectly, the same app downloaded now does not work in android, it does not scan, it works fine in IOS and in android live but it does not work when I install the “APK” file please " THUNKABLE STAFF "help us

Hi! I have the same exactly problem! On my IOS Ipad my app works perfectly, on my android phone the BLE Scan doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do! Someone can help me?

Please Fix BLE Problem, Thunkable X Staff.
:pray: :persevere:

Same problem. Is thunkable dead? No replies. Wow all this time wasted??? :frowning:

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I have the same problem! BLE is not working on my Android (8.0.0) but works fine on iOs. The app seems to be slowed down … even pressing button takes 3 or 4 minutes for a reply. So i think that BLE is working but something somewhere is going wrong. But, if i build up a very simple app with ble and a scan function… it works like a sharm. So i think it something about the “more complicated” app…

this morning i got the trick!! my block was:

if i put the “statuslabel” showing the “error” the scan works fine. if i remove it the scan never ends!

So i save the “error” into a variable and then do other stuff … and this solved all my problems

Hope it will help someone else!!


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your trick didn’t help me, I’ve tried your trick but it doesn’t make any difference.

pity … it solves the scan issue for me…

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i had again some time for checking the ble scan issue.

  1. i was using my app from live test and adding the label with the green error variable from ble scan solved the neverending scan
  2. then i downloaded the app just to check how could be using it without screen riduction
  3. with my surprise i found that the scan wasnt working again…

i solved again giving to both thunkable and my app the autorization to use the localization…

maybe this will helps!

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No It doesn’t helps BLE is not fully published to thunkable they will take time to publish it

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I have Nokia 6.1 Plus Android 10.00 but it doesn’t works on it also as i said before- BLE is not fully published to thunkable they will take time to publish it

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do you have any documentation about that?

I have a big problem too, I cannot publish an app just because BLE works badly, it is important today BLE, I hope they will solved it soon

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Look for this code line and add: |PROPERTY_READ
BLECharacteristic::PROPERTY_NOTIFY |BLECharacteristic::PROPERTY_READ

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sorry i’m new to thunkable, where do i find the line of code? here we only have blocks.
thank you

look for in your Arduino sketch, if you program your hardware with ESP32 example or similar. Thunkable X needs a PROPERTY_READ BLECharacteristc.

Thank you danielobataqa3nw0
I will hear the software engineer, I did not do the ESP 32 code, but I do not think this is the problem, with Android versions prior to version 7, it works perfectly
best regards