[Solved] How to specify the desired data when using the "data changed" block from RealtimeDB

How can I get different values from datachanges…?

Can you explain a little bit more about how your app might operate? What are you hoping to happen in the background that causes a change that the user can see?

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In this case, I want that the user could see the user name in the top, and in the middle of the screen his “Points” (I m working the “block structure”, the design is just a test

Can you provide a share link. I think I know the issues.

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I sent it by message, thanks!
Also if it is possible I would like to configure that the users couldnt repeat the usernames. Do you know how?

One thing. I added some stored variables to replace your use of the local DB. they are much easier to work with IMO.
Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 9.32.07 PM

I also nested all blocks below a purple block, into that purple block.

also, when you set the listener blocks and you use the yellow “when data changed” block, you need to specify the key in a logic statement, then use the data changed block.

Check it out!

Lastly, i would recommend doing firebase keys like this to organize the data more clearly.

always use a “/” between the words.
In your case it would look like this key = User/UserID or Dinero/UserID