Issue With Firebase Realtime DB

I have an issue where the Realtime_DB Data changed block not triggering at all. I have put the Add listener block when the screen starts. I have no idea why it doesn’t work.

Project link: Thunkable

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How do you know it doesn’t work?

I can see that your code is in screen2 but you add the listener in screen3.

In screen2 you have 3 blocks as the DataChanged all will run when any data is changed in the key you are listening to or any key under it.

Have you tried displaying the key and value in a label to see what are you receiving before you use the IF conditions?

yes, i have

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This is hardly an answer.

I assume you are replying to

If so, can you explain what have you done and in which block of code?
Please show what you tried.

When you tried it, was it displaying the expected results?

Please understand that we do not have access to your database and will never be able to test the app therefore we (in the community) expect that you will give sufficient information in addition to screenshots.


I used the add listener block and then put a vibrate (for testing) block inside when Realtime_DB changed block with no IF block. The problem is when a value updates in the DB, it wont update in the app and the vibrate block. It works fine on a different project.

realtime DB picture: