Why my news app is not showing the data from realtime database?

I have done exactly the same as one example but this is not working… please help. Where did I do wrong?


What example did you follow?

Why do you have forever loops? It’s better to update the displayed text only when the value changes instead of constantly over and over every split-second.

Are you able to get ANY values from Firebase? If not, you probably have a problem with your Firebase rules.

Value has been changed. There was a sample of this project too.

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 16.46.08

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 16.48.38

Do you spot any mistakes

What do you mean by that? What value? When? Based on which blocks in your project?

Did you remove the loops?

Please share a link to your updated project.


Value in the firebase realtime database. I am suspecting maybe it’s related to the realtime database too. I have removed the loops but still didn’t work. It didn’t display the information from the database in the list viewer.

Here is the link Thunkable

Thank you for your kind help.

There are still loops in that project on the Home screen. On the other screens, you’re using a list block in front of the green value block:

I’m not sure why you’re doing that. Have you tried removing the list block? Also, to help you further, I’m going to need to know more details than you’ve provided. For example, what is the value of key “1” in your database? And if you assign a label (instead of a listviewer) to the green value block for that key, what gets displayed in Thunkable? And what gets displayed when you try to assign that same value block to the listviewer block?


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