How use firebase data changed

My app auto receive data when data changed in firebase.
Please help me how can i use dataChaged function.

Thank How%20can%20use%20firebase%20Data%20Changed

You need to add the “Realtime_DB.Add Listener” block to the initialization block “Screen.Starts” with the key to be listened to.

An example at the very bottom of the help page

Can you show me the block. Thank


i mean what is the key. I mean i wana receiver auto “171:231:30:63” bucket. Thank

Thank you so muck Actech

The key (this is the path at the node) is indicated via / from the root node, for example:

Call a Waiter/171:231:30:63

Have you been able to listen to the desired field or something is not working?

My project
In key “171:231:30:63” have another key.
How can i receive all key and value.
My block not working

Can you show me what the error?

First, try to just get the desired field using the Realtime_DB.Get block. You can get any parent fields, because the JSON format is used here.

If you give me a link to your project, then I will correct the error.

my link


Thanks you

I have a problem about real-time db get data from firebase using thunkable x . Anybody’s here who solv my problem