Getting data from firebase real time db

Hope to seek some directional advice as I am currently not able to get data from real time firebase.

Have set up the blocks and real time database as follows and wish to get the “meditation-msg1” and display it in screen label. However what’s displayed is " [ object object ] ". Many thanks in advance if any Guru can kindly advice.

Hi haroldcwh2,

As shown in the screenshot of your database, ‘meditation-msg1’ is actually under the key ‘000001’, that is under ‘wisdom-quotes’. Because of this you will have to reference all three of these keys in your code.

To achieve this, you will have to add a ‘join’ block from the Text blocks. Next, using text boxes input the three keys into each in the appropraite order. In your case, that is ‘wisdom-quotes’, ‘000001’ and then ‘meditation-msg1’. Next, put some forward slashs in-between the keys.

Below is a visual example:


Hope this helps :grin:

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Ah thanks, my bad :sweat_smile:

Updated the comment.

Thanks everyone for the valuable advice. It’s been really helpful. Have managed to solve the get data issue via real time db following your shared tips… Super… Many thanks.

please share your solution via screenshot or description so others may benefit from this thread.

You mark you entry as the solution, we’d love to see it.

@haroldcwh2 you might want to mark the actual post that was the solution - as the actual solution, rather than your reply :wink: :+1:

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Good idea… Here’s the solution blocks that I eventually leaned towards:

Have also added a random integer generator at the tail part of the “Join” so that messages stored in firebase may be randomly shown in the App Screen each time button is clicked.

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