Anyone able to add a key to the when [Realtime DB] DataChanged block?

A bit frustrated this evening; when I attempt to drag the blank text block over the key within the “when [Realtime DB] DataChanged block” the blank text block and underlying key just flash on the screen and won’t connect, or allow me to enter in the key name.

I typically use Safari but was able to replicate within Firefox. Tried dragging the block onto a new screen and had the same experience. Pretty easy to replicate, appreciate if someone could give this a few minutes to validate.

ok, ok, you need to add a listener. all apologies to anyone that wasted their time trying to help out!

(moderator kindly remove this thread)

I’d like to reopen this discussion! I had the need to have two (i.e. I want to listen on two different keys) realtime db listeners today within a screen, and without the ability to edit the key parameter within the realtime db “DataChanged” block, I’m not sure how it would be possible to differentate the two listeners.

Separately, I will report the inability for the UI to modify the key parameter within the realtime db “DataChanged” block as this is clearly just a bug. In my experience, attempting to modify (replace the key parameter with a text block) will leave a bunch of undeletable blocks within your screen.