[Solved] How to publish APK app

I have my app and it’s as ready as it will ever be.
I want to publish it (using Paly Store Console or Thunkable), but it has to be wrapped in an AAB file first, in order to upload it.
Does Thunkable create the AAB file in Starter or Pro for us, for publishing?
Has anybody here at the Community ever used Thunkable to publish an app on Play Store or on the Apple Store?

You can get AAB in pro.

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@peterjamesleniq You must be on a Pro plan or higher to publish to the App or Play Store.

If you are a member of a qualifying plan, you’ll have access to the .aab file for publishing to the App Store. APK files cannot be used to publish.

Many, many of our users have published successfully to both stores so I am sure if you have a specific question, you can post a new topic about it here and you’ll receive a good answer.

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Hey Matt and Ram
I’ll get Pro then, on Monday.
Hopefully I too can be a good ambassador for Thunkable.