[Solved] How to get thunkable Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?


How to get thunkable Certificate Signing Request (CSR) ? i searched but did not find it, even in docs.thnkable.com

Thanks in advance

May be this :point_down: can help


Being an Android fan, I don’t know much about iOS. So above was my sincere try to help you. Let me know if you get success. :+1: :slight_smile:

Also please edit the link in your post above (Thunkable spelling is wrong)


I also read in the community that if you want to create a certificate, you need to use Thunkable’s Certificate signing request CSR

And the link says “First download the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file. You’l need this file to generate an account certificate.”

What should we do ?

Thank you so much for helping

I made the certificate and the provision, BUT after that i found that i have to upload Thunkable’s CSR not my CSR

anyone knows where to find it ?

Hi @abedo and @Abdelrahman1, sorry for the delay replying to you both. I know this is posted elsewhere in the community, but for the benefit of anyone reading this in the future, you need to follow the steps outlined here:


Great Video! Got me up and running

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