[Solved] Help with Web API ESP8266

Hello all, I’m new here and looking for some info that I’m having a hard time finding. I currently use a esp8266 send some data to Thingspeak and would like to get that data on my Thunkable cross platform app. I used to use an extension to get the data from MIT but without extensions I’m having a hard time setting up the channel get and decode json, etc. is there any example blocks available I’d be able to peek at?

solved. I was using the wrong json block.

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Hi, @jeffrey9199uhcb! :wave:
Glad that the problem is solved :+1:

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Sorry, I did read that. I couldnt quite figure out how. But we should be good now. TY.


Thanks for following up @jeffrey9199uhcb, would you mind sharing an example screenshot of how you ended up parsing the JSON from the ESP?

(If you really feel like pushing it boat out you could write something for #thunkable-cross-tutorials, but a screenshot will be fine for most future visitors!)

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I second this, I am having trouble retrieving data from ThingSpeak because I have no idea which blocks to use.