ThingSpeak + Thunkable

Hi all. I have developed a very nice app for the IOT (Internet of Things). The ESP8266 is the Wifi Module, ThingSpeak is the “data bank” and app (Thunkable) the interface. Below is the screenshot.


Olá. Poderia fornecer o aplicativo em formato .AIA? Pode ser por email…

Thanks for sharing @fabioirmao - is this app available in the Play Store or the App store?


Hi. No, It is not available on Playstore or Appstore. I use this app in an IOT course that I developed.

Bom dia! Não posso fornecer o AIA gratuitamente, mas posso te ajudar a desenvolver um aplicativo semelhante. Se precisar de ajuda me envie uma mensagem privada.

Good morning! I can not give the AIA for free, but I can help you to develop a similar app. If you need some help send me a PM

Bom dia! Certo, sem problemas. Poderia me mandar um email?

I prefer to use the pm

Can you share an image how you set up the api with the thingspeak channel, Json, fields etc. I’m new to Thunkable and used to having extensions. That are not in the new version.

Are you using the WebAPI component @jeffrey9199uhcb?

Thanks for your reply. I am using the WebApi. I do get a response. although when i try to get specific data from a “field” I’m not having any luck.

Hi. It is a pleasure to help you? How are you trying to get the data from Thingspeak? Show us the commands.

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hi, I am having trouble trasnferring data from thinkspeak to thunkable. hope someone can help me

Hi. How are you trying tô get the data from thingspeak?