ESP8266 + IP Control

# Not strong in terms of language, sorry
I use ESP8266 as a Server to use IP to turn on-off Relay but I have a problem. Doesn’t work when put in thunkable, I’m a newbie, please advise, this is the part that doesn’t work.

Those blocks will try to connect to two APIs and then do nothing with the responses.

What do you want those blocks to do?

Are you able to get a JSON response in a browser (without Thunkable)?

I don’t see anything that would interact with a Bluetooth device.

The part that I closed is http IP, such as the upper checkpoint is and below to
What I want is to press the ON IP 1 switch to send the value to turn on the Relay.
Press to close the switch. Item 2 sends the value to close.

Normally, if Http IP is used for nothing on Chrome, it can still be used normally.

I just switched to use thunkable (migrated from appinventor). These are blocks from inventor that can be used normally.

Would it work to load the urls in a Web Viewer?

Also, what response do you see in a browser if you browse to either of those urls?

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