[Solved] Has Live Test Changed the Game?

I am an educator that has happily used #thunkableclassic in the classroom for quite some time. I just started retrofitting everything to use Thunkable X and had some questions about the Live Test feature.

In the past, classroom instructors, like me, struggled with the requirement that the computer and device be on the same wireless SSID network and/or that traffic could flow throw some rendezvous server on the back-end that wasn’t blocked, etc.

Can someone please explain how the architecture of the Live Test feature of Thunkable X works? Does it still have the same requirements. I notice that the Live Test app is different, e.g., doesn’t require you to enter in a code, doesn’t list an IP address, etc. Put simply, have the underlying requirements for using the live testing feature changed?

Thanks in advance!


Thunkable X does not require that the PC and the device are on the same network. The relationship between them is made when Google accounts match.

I definitely noticed that. But what are the new network requirements (if any). Is there still a rendezvous server that needs access to a given port or not? Is there an engineer from Thunkable X that could address this directly?

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Hi there,

You are correct, live testing on Thunkable X is quite different than that of Classic. Instead of scanning a QR code, you simply have to be logged in to the same account on your device as on your desktop and hit ‘Live Test’. No need to be on the same Wi-Fi anymore!

You can also live preview your apps without having to go to your desktop.


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