[Solved] Live Test with Code?

Hello community,

I notice there is a “Need a code? Click here” option on the live testing app. Can this be used to test an app without logging into an account? I cannot find a way.

I would love to have that ability because my classroom has students share tablets from class to class. Sometimes they forget to log out and sometimes they forget to remove their account from tablet. Creates privacy issues on the shared tablet as other students can access their Gmail, Calendar, GDrive, etc.

Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.



Hi there,

The ‘Need a Code? Click here’ option is for people who sign into Thunkable using an email address (instead of a Google account)

If you are signed into Thunkable with an email address and not a Google account, you will be prompted to enter a code into your computer when you click ‘Live Test’.

You can find this code by opening your Live Testing app and clicking the text that says ‘Need a code? Click here’.

​You can’t use this button to test an app made by someone who logs into Thunkable with a Google account.

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