Cannot Find the QR code for logging into the Thunkable App

I was returning to Thunkble after a short interval. The new interface fine. But I cannot get the QR Code option for Logging into the Thunkable App. Where is that? Clicking on LIVE TEST shows only a text, 'Connect to the Thunkable App. NO QR Code

Oh! you might be a beginner, let me help you. follow these steps.

  1. Go and install “thunkable live” the new app
  2. open your app on thunkable X and click on “live test” button
  3. Sign into “thunkable live” with the account you uses with thunkable
  4. Now you can test your app!..

If the problem solved please give me a like. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Thank you for the response. I am NOT beginner. I had used thunkable before. Now coming back after a short interval. I liked the New Website interface. I have the Thunkable App on my device. My issue is I cannot find the QR Code for Loging in to the app. ( In the New Website I Cannot find the QR Code, In the Old site It Was UNDER ‘Test’)… Please help UNDER ‘LIVE TEST’ there is NO QR Code

Sorry, the QR code facility is not available on thunkable X. But you can test this app with the new thunkable testing app called “thunkable live” not the old one. to connect with your thunkable mobile app you need to sing in to the mobile app with the same account you used to sign in to thunkable X

I have Downloaded the New App, Just Now. Logged in to the new App With my Google account. Yes, It didn’t ask for any QR code. On the Website also I have logged in with the Same Google account. But the LIVE TEST button still says, ‘Connect to the thunkable app’ Seems like it is NOT recognizing between the both

It’s not a problem. The “Live test” button always says “connect to thunkable app” but keep your mobile phone on so it will work on your phone but the “connect to thunkable app” text will show. and when the mobile app open’s your thunkable app automatically and then the “connect to thunkable app” text will get disappears. so you can now figure it out

Ok, The ‘Live Test’ BUTTON confused me I think. (There is No any ‘Purpose’, ‘Activity’ attached to it nah? People Expect some Action from a BUTTON) … Anyway, I will get over with it.

There are some other Suggestions I would like to make.

  1. In the App: After Login, the Logged-in Screen behaves as if It want to show some further options or, don’t know what. The Screen doesn’t PAUSE for User Intervention. so I could not figure out what it is trying to display. It is there for half a second, then hurriedly navigates to the Next Screen, on its own.

  2. My Projects Screen. There also the hurried departure happens, It don’t wait for me to select a project, it just goes to one of the projects in the list. I cannot find any options to Go Back to the ‘My Projects’ screen ( If that is the Intended behavior, aka, NOT waiting for the user, just open the LAST WORKED project, then Why should that Screen be there at all, flashing for a second and there by causing confusion?)

  3. On the WEBSITE: My Projects Page Launches the Selected Project in a New Tab. There also, there is No Option to go Back to the My Projects page, in case the user had closed the My Projects tab. I think, the Editor Page should be self-contained, with option to go to the My Projects as and when needed, stay in A single tab of the browser, NOT creating a number of tabs in the browser.

  4. Last But MOST important, is what I call jokingly, the MASS issue. In the new Thunkable site, In the Component Select Panel, Component Icons and the Label Text below them, have Only Mosquito Mass. No need of Elephant Mass. Let there be at least Squirrel Mass Again, in the Properties Panel, I could NOT understand why the modern IT geeks are hell-bent on using invisible-grays as text colors, making users squint? At least use #777777 or around. Not only the text color, The Properties panel is lacking a sensible grouping or display order .

Overall, I think, the old site was better, With the Bar display for Components rather than the mosquito icons. Properties Panel, Old Site, New Site, both are in the same level of efficiency. Grouping/Display order and Text Color/Font size issues remain the same. Please avoid using multiple browser tabs.

Please take the tone of my writing in a lighter vein, but take the technical aspects seriously., especially the text color thing and organizing of the properties panel. Don’t make users squint or scroll up and down multiple times. (Old Classic VB6 will remain the role-model for Property Organizer)

Best Regards

Dose this suit you? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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With some of your suggestions I agree with and some not. You ask why modern IT developers use invisible gray? Because for them in the first place is the design, not the user experience with their informational products like this writes Jakob Nielsen, Steve Krug and other experts on usability and interfaces. Very often designers and programmers create an interface for a customer or for yourself, but not for users. The problem is that often, the customer and developer do not use their product. Yes, they take part in developing it but do not use it as users. They never stood behind the user and did not see how users work and what difficulties they are experiencing. A good interface will work only when the developers will start to put himself not above users, and in their place. It is very difficult to do because the developers feel that everything is the same professionals and know what they are doing. I myself am a developer but every day faced with sites that force me to think and to understand how it all works. But I don’t need it. If after 10 seconds, I don’t find information on the site, open another site.

Thunkable X is a unique product and I hope that the developers will find the strength to look at it from the perspective of users and make it easier to understand the work.

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Hi, Karasinghe! . It is my bad. I don’t get satisfied easily with anything :slight_smile: Anyway, can I have your direct email, or whatsapp? I would love to discuss something interesting (BTW, I am in India, Chennai) . Regards. Padmanabhan.