[Solved] For loop or control that acts like a for loop in Thunkable?

I have a data viewer that displays data from a local DB, Iḿ trying to transfer all of the data to an air table when the user clicks a button.

here the code snippet of how Iḿ attempting to do this:

The variable ¨# Item¨ and ¨# Status¨ are both = to 1

But as you can see this won´t work because it will remake row 1 in the local DB in the Airtable however many rows there are in the local DB.

Like this:

I thought a for loop would work and I was trying to make a for loop but iḿ not sure how to, or if there is even something like a for loop on thinkable …?

I would appreciate any help! Thank you!

There used to be a bug with the Create Row block that prevented blocks placed within it from firing. It was described here: Create row block not working well from yesterday (Thunkable x) · Issue #699 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub. But as far as I know, that bug was fixed.

These two blocks are both useful for looping through a list:

The first block allows you to use “i” from the variables drawer so that you don’t have to manually increment its value as you’ve done above.


Thank you :smiley: