How can i iterate through a table in airtable?

Hi everybody

I want to iterate through my airtable database. The moment a User clicks a button called “No” it should change to a new row in the same table and show the name, bio and their pictures. I need to do it in a loop.

Here is the airtable:

thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

It’s not clear what you’re asking. Your example has one row. Are you wanting to loop through multiple rows? Which column are you wanting to search while doing that? Or is there some other action you want to have happen inside the loop?

What do you mean by “change to a new row… and show the name…”? Do you want it to create a new row? If so, do you want the info the user has inputted to populate the new row? Or something else?

Yes, so ive got multiple rows that look the same like the one i showed but i think i should explain the app a bit:

It will be an app where people can match to find new friends. I was able to create the login and register. I would now like to create the matching on a new screen. It is actually built like Tinder. You should be able to match with a “yes” button and reject a person with another “no” button.

The problem:
I want to display the username of a Person(aka “Benutzername” in the table", biography and picture of each row from an airtable database (each row is a new user) and a new person should appear as soon as a button is pressed with the updated values. An

Do you understand my problem now?
Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Yes, that makes more sense. When the user clicks the No button, you either add one to a variable that holds the row number or you choose a random row number and assign the value to that variable. You always use that variable to display row information. You don’t need a loop for that.

If you have trouble with the blocks, post a screenshot of them.

but i need to do it with a loop (its a demand from a school project). Is it possible for you to show me the correct blocks? Thank you for your help tatiang :slight_smile:

If you’re able to provide a project link that shows what you’ve tried, I can make suggestions. But I’m not going to code it for you from scratch.

There’s not enough there to go on for me. Maybe someone else can help you with this. You might need to do a bit more work and searching the forums to get to a point where I can offer advice.

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