[Solved] Error while Shifting to PRO

When I was trying to Get my PRO Membership…
Even after Submitting my Card Number, Date and CVC and other Details multiple times,
I am not able to Get my PRO membership as it shows "Something went wrong Please try Again.
Please help me.

Hello @whoocoder, please reach out to billing@thunkable.com as they will be able to help you with the issue with your payment. Our general support team is unable to assist with billing and account questions.

Thanks so much!

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I have got no reply for 1 Month… Please Help

@whoocoder I apologize that you did not hear back after contacting the Billing team. I will personally reach out to them to check for your note and ask if they can respond.

Thank you for your patience.

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Please Help I need the PRO Urgently because I’m getting my Projects Pending due to this.

Please Reply…

Hi @whoocoder, I checked with the billing team and they have replied to you over email about the issue with your payment. Can you confirm you received their email? Again, we are not able to help with billing or payment issues here.

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Sorry for Late Reply, I got an email that contained an email confirmation of the Link, and after confirmation I retried to do Payment but still it was showing that there was an Error.

I would say that there is no fault in my Credit card as I used it to do some International payment links like in Deep.AI and they were Successful.

Please reply

@whoocoder I have been out of the office for a while. You may also need to check with your financial institution if billing@thunkable.com has assisted you but the payments are not going through.

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The card processes payments in other websites like Deep.ai but not in Thunkable. I have also contacted with my bank and the staff concluded that there is no problem in the card.

Hola, yo también llevo yun mes tratando de obtener Thunkable Pro y me genera el mismo error, ya envié un correo a billing@thunkable.com pero no obtengo ninguna respuesta

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Hi, I’ve also been trying to get Thunkable Pro for a month and it gives me the same error, I already sent an email to billing@thunkable.com but I don’t get a response

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@whoocoder @andresfeliper94dmh I will follow up with our billing department and have them get back to you. Again, as I have said here before, our support team is unable to help with most billing questions.

Thank you for your patience!

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Thanks for your efforts. I think this issue is not just for me, this is a common issue as many people are having same problem.

Please help as soon as you can because I am not able to work on my Projects due to it. :pensive: :pensive:

Link also accepted the card


One of the Thunkable’s Staff have helped me to get my Subscription by using stripe payments. Thunkable’s Staff is vey responsive and helpful :smiley: