Pro upgrade error

So, recently I got the thunkable birthday code, So I tried to upgrade but it says
Something went wrong, pls try again I have been trying from 5 days.
Payment Method : Card
Pls help as soon as possible

@jared @domhnallohanlon @muneer @tatiang

Hi @namitnagar, I would email if you’re having issues in the checkout process. They can always help quickest in these instances.

As an FYI, @jared @muneer and @tatiang do not work for Thunkable, they’re just really awesome members of our creator community :smile:


So, should I mail or you will and when will the offer code end??

If you could please They can answer anything you might need to know about the offer codes!

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Thank you

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Can you tell how much time they take to reply?

@conroy It’s been 2 days when will will reply?
I actually want to publish my app on Play Store the whole app and Play console is ready just this upgrade error is occurring. Pls help with this issue

Someone should be getting back to you soon, if not already. The person who usually handles that email is out of office for the week.

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