Attempts to upgrade to Pro Membership fail

I have tried to upgrade my membership to Thunkable Pro twice over the last two weeks.
The PayPal payment goes through and I get an e-mail confirmation.
However, my Thunkable account is not actually upgraded.
Has anyone else seen this issue? How can I resolve it?
I contacted Thunkable by email but got no resolution so far.

Can you post a screenshot of the confirmation?

Make sure you censor any personal and private details.

Have you emailed about this issue?

Here is the PayPal confirmation.
Also, note that the promotional discount for annual membership was not applied.
Can you please have that addressed too?

Hi Jared,
We actually exchanged e-mails about a week ago about this, and also e-mailed billing@thunkable after my second attempt failed.

There’s a lot of personal information there that I woudn’t want shared across the Internet. You might consider removing the screenshot from your post and sending a private message to @jared with that info. Also, as far as I know, @Dean_Artis does not work for Thunkable (neither do I). @jared does, however.

Thanks. I edited the image.
I already have an e-mail thread with Jared, Billing, and another Thunkable contact.
This was my attempt to find out if others were seeing the issue.
I don’t understand why the upgrade is not working and why it is taking so long to resolve the issue.

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i’ll follow up via Intercom @btshil2000kssnpl