Regarding renewing my Pro membership

When I upgraded my membership to PRO, i paid $100
Now it shows that i have to pay $200

But in the email it shows the following

I’m talking about the difference in the price

Could be an error on Thunkable’s behalf as pro is $200 for the year. My guess is that an error caused the charge on your card to be $100 but when it checked the transfer it wasn’t equal to $200 and it cancelled it. That’s only a guess. Otherwise there might not be enough funds in the card.

I highly recommend you email immediately for assistance.

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In addition to @eoinparkinson’s post, before any other purchase, please read this page briefly.

Thanks! :blush:

Hi :slight_smile:

As other suggested, please send an email to with your email address and all the payment emails.

I don’t think there is any issue on our end. I believe you were on the legacy, $100 annual plan (discontinued). Because there was an issue with your credit card (shown in your own screenshot), your legacy annual plan is cancelled. The current annual plan is $200.

Hope it helps!