[Solved] 'Create row' block problem

Thank you @jane!

Please be advised that there’s something amiss in caching of local database values. Thunkable Live on iOS is not resetting values that are in the designer when the code is modified. Had to reinstall to get new values.


Thank you @jane
I want to draw your attention that on Android, the Live app is 279 and the local table is now showing correct DeleteAllRows but the Create row is not saving any values. The rows are created but empty.

Is there a newer version of Thunkable Live on Android that I should wait for?

The just tested more and found out the “GetAllRows” of the Airtable block (not the Data Source but the block of the StP UI) is the own that is broken.

Final update: It seems that one of the iOS build servers was not updated when everything else was updated. The iOS build servers are now updated, and this behavior has been resolved on all platforms: web, Thunkable Live for Android and iOS, and built apps for Android and iOS.

Thanks again to everyone who reported this behavior.


Thank you for you confirmation.

What about this issue?

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