[Solved] Countdown Timer

I’m trying to make a countdown timer in minutes and tried something like this:

But it didn’t work, I was trying to make it countdown in minutes but was stumped on how to so now I’m trying to make a countdown timer in seconds.

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dont use j create a new app variable and have you enabled timer

Create a variable and set it to the value you want, for example 5

Set the timer interval to your desired period to check the time.

In the [Fires] even subtract 1 from the variable and then check if it is ZERO. When your variable reaches zero display your message.

That’s it.


Welcome to the community @sp72979rdrlbc :+1:

We have a sample app in the #thunkable-tutorials section called “Tempus” that deals with lots of different time-related use cases.

Check it out here:


Thank you!

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