Countdown timer stops after 1 second

I’m making a simple countdown app. it’s similar to the countdown in this forum:

the only difference is that the user can only input time in seconds (although the app will display the input time in minutes if it applies)

I ran into a problem however, the countdown stops after 1 second.

here is the code on the app:

and here is the app link: Thunkable

Any help would be appreciated!

These are your timer settings:

You need to enable Loops. That’s going to fire your timer every 5 seconds instead of only once after 5 seconds. Are you wanting the interval to be 5 seconds or 1 second?


You need the Loop option in the Timer settings to be False and also you need to control when to stop counting. The current code will continue firing into negative values.


You need the Loop option in the Timer settings to be True.

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You mean True, right? This is what allows the timer to run repeatedly

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Yes, you are correct. I updated it.

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