Countdown problems

Hi I’m making a countdown but the problem I’ve is when I enter a time and click start button numbers doesn’t change can someone please help me ASAP
Here is the blocks related

Hello @taravat.mahavar83qr7, what is your countdown variable contain? Is it the number of seconds left?

If so, then when you use the test if true if false, I don’t think you should be dividing by 60, rather subtracting. But, that will only work if the time is under two minutes.

Hey @taravat.mahavar83qr7

Take a look at the “Tempus” sample app which contains open-source examples of how to do create your own programmable countdown:


I see you’ve actually posted a question in the tutorial topic too.

Just wondering perhaps if you’re using the default values for your timer component?

If you want the countdown to automatically update every second you will need to make changed to the Interval property and to the Loops property, so that they look like the image below:


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Thank you for your help but how should I stop it when it becomes zero?

@taravat.mahavar83qr7 you can use the control block IF and test if the value = 0

What sort of app are you trying to build?

Did you try and remix the sample app in the tutorials?

Thank you for your help.I’m making a work out app and I’ve two problems with this first is that it won’t stop when it turns to zero and the second one is that it only works when you put minutes but if you only put seconds numbers get negative like this I would be thankful if you help me with this

Can you please help me with this because it’s my school project and I haven’t worked with Thunkable before