Hours:Minutes:seconds countdown

Hello, to everyone

i’m looking for a Hours:minutes:seconds countdown.

i’m creating a fuel contdown. the user must insert who many LT of fuel are inside the tank and we know the hours comsume.

in a label i need to see the hours:minutes:second countdown.
i tried many time but without result, :roll_eyes:

i see a topic for minutes:seconds countdown but i can’t undestand how insert correctly the hours.

Thanks a Jared for his help in this! :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you already see this?

And this?

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Thank you for yours reply,

yes, i saw the first one but is in Minutes:seconds, i tried to insert the hours but without results

the second one i can’t open it, i think is off

It helps if you post a link to your project or at least a screenshot showing the blocks you’ve tried if you still want help with this.

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this is the link of that blocks

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