[Solved] Copy Paste of Blocks and UI elements not Working

Hi Community!

I’m trying to Copy and Paste Blocks and Other UI elements in DnD from one Screen to Another but it’s not working as the Blocks and UI elements not got pasted.

Please Help

Hi @whoocoder, thanks for flagging this.

Our dev team is aware of an issue involving using the copy and paste function for Windows. We are not seeing any issues copying or pasting blocks on Mac.

We’ll keep you updated here as we work to isolate the issue and get this fixed. Thank you!


can confirm copy/paste of. blocks and components working on my Macbook today

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Copy and paste doesn’t work between screens. It also doesn’t work within a screen. However, within a screen you can right click and select ‘Duplicate’. Unfortunately that doesn’t work between screens.

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@finbarr.mccarthytl32 Using cmd/ctrl + c/v should work for copying pasting within any one screen in a project. Please let me know if that is not working for you and what operating system you are using. Thanks!


@whoocoder This is fixed now for Windows and Mac, go ahead and try again and see if you can copy and paste.

Thank you!

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Hi @matt_conroy !

The copy and Paste of Elements and Blocks Using CTRL+C & CTRL+C is now Working!
Thanks for your help!


Hi Matt,
Wasn’t working yesterday - is working today!
Thanks to you and the team for the fix!

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