[Solved] Component are overlapping on Screen2 #804

Hey friends,

The upcoming release upgraded the libraries we used to build Android apps. You can get access the pending release with the URL below -

Please make sure your existing Android apps still work with this release :slight_smile:



apk size release?

To test our apps with this release, we must build the APK, correct? Is there a way to test this release with the Thunkable Live app?


seems thats its for pro

@wei @domhnallohanlon,

Opening just one of my projects revealed a number of issues.

First, the controls on one of my screens (the second screen) were completely rearranged into the upper left corner in the designer. Incidentally, this is what happens when components are set to visible = false on android devices. Here are screenshots from the the production and staging designers

The project has 2 screens with a top tab navigator. The first screen only shows part of the navigator. The second screen displays it correctly.

removed issue with label click event. My error.

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@drted it’s worth mentioning that I installed your app and I tried the link but it is non-functional in the apk itself. This might be a problem not related to upcoming release.

Thanks @muneer! I’ve removed that issue from the post

Hey @ekansh_devsm, not at this release, but we hope we can improve it in 2021.

You should build your app.

@Wei, the top tab navigator screenshots are from the built apk. Obviously the designer issue is not android specific.

Hi @drted - is this unique to v253? Does the top tab nav look ok to you if you build with v251 (on x.thunkable?)

Yes. The version in the Google play store was built a week or so ago and does not have this issue.


It looks like V253 rolled into production. The design view of my screen does not match the component properties. Notice that the list viewer component properties are still correct (Y=207) but the position on the designer screen is wrong. (not WYSIWYG)

Here is a screen capture demonstrating that the screen initially renders correctly, then it re-arranges the components into the upper left corner

Interestingly, if you go frame by frame, you can see the second screen rends correctly, then the second screen actually shows the MAP screen contents, it renders again correclty, then finally it renders everything in the upper left corner.

Also, was is it intentional that there is no longer a link to the community or the thunkable documentation? I only see video tutorials.

Thanks for flagging this @drted. I took a quick look at my own drag & drop projects but can’t find one with absolute positioning just this minute - can you PM me a link to yours so I can see if I can reproduce this issue?

Did you set it to 207.9999 yourself or did this happen after the update?

We’ve moved the link to the Community here: Does the new UI still link to the Community?

The new docs are going to live on their own branch for a while, when move over to having the new UI as an opt-out the docs will be swapped over accordingly.

Alas, I don’t recall the exact component positions for all of the controls on the screen. I did not manually type in 207.9999. But the drag and drop layout assigns all sorts of precise fractional values to component y property (see video below)

Just following up on our PMs here @drted, I’ve opened issue no. 804 on Github for you about this:

We’ve also seen one other user mention this today so if you spot anyone else in the same boat, please direct them to this thread (since it’s probably the easiest thing to search for)

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@drted I have faced exactly the same issue of visible buttons being displayed at the top left corner all jumbled up. This was an app made with drag and drop.

@drted @codeswept we were able to get a fix out for this yesterday and that fix has now been deployed.

Everything looks good again from my end, can you take a look your own projects again and let me know that it’s been resolved for you too?



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